HTTPie/HTTP Prompt

HTTPie (pronounced aitch-tee-tee-pie) is a command line HTTP client. Its goal is to make CLI interaction with web services as human-friendly as possible. It provides a simple http command that allows for sending arbitrary HTTP requests using a simple and natural syntax, and displays colorized output. HTTPie can be used for testing, debugging, and generally interacting with HTTP servers.

HTTP Prompt is an interactive command-line HTTP client featuring autocomplete and syntax highlighting, built on HTTPie and prompt_toolkit.


關於facebook sdk 獲取 email

以下取自facebook 頁面:


透過 user 物件的 email 屬性,提供用戶主要電子郵件地址的存取權。

請勿向用戶發送垃圾郵件。使用電子郵件時必須遵守 Facebook 政策和垃圾郵件管制法(CAN-SPAM Act)。

請注意:即使要求 email 權限,亦不保證會取得電子郵件地址。例如,如果用戶使用電話號碼而非電子郵件地址來註冊 Facebook,則電子郵件欄位可能空白。


應用程式可使用此項權限而無須經過 Facebook 審查。